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The Great Human Race

Hieronder vind je een aantal video’s hoe je de prehistorie overleeft: The Great Human Race of National Geographic:

Episode 1: Dawn: Setting Up Camp in a Tree  / Bringing the Meat to Higher Ground
Episode 2: Fire: A Scare in the Night / From the Hunted to the Hunter
Episode 3: Hunt: Waste Not, Want Not / Going on a Goat Hunt
Episode 4: Thirst: A Natural Eye Protector / Scorpion Kill Survival Skills
Episode 5: Adrift: Wading Through a Swamp / Constructing a Reed Boat
Episode 6: Cave: Processing Boar Meat / Hunting a Boar
Episode 7: Ice: Wolf Scraps for Dinner / Sparking a Fire
Episode 8: Herd: Using Fire to make Tools
Episode 9: First Americans: Preparing Shoes for Glacier Crossing
Episode 10: Pioneers: Entering a Salmon Graveyard / Two Routes to the Americas