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Prehistory can be found at many places in the Netherlands. Sometimes it is visible in the landscape, such as the hunebeds and the many burial mounds. More often it is to be seen in the finds from excavations carried out under supervision by archaeologists, amateurs or local residents. These finds, and the stories associated with them, can be seen in museums all over the country. In some places you will also find replicas of houses and buildings from the distant past.

An archaeological travel guide

The links below provide two ways to search for interesting places in the Netherlands.

First, by searching for sites on a map of the Netherlands. It is a travel guide which you can take with you to some remarkable places. You can click on each icon to reveal a story.

Secondly, you can take a journey through Dutch history. The hunebed is the first item on the list of ‘50 moments in the history of the Netherlands’ which every Dutch person is supposed to know. Discover what other museums are represented on the list.