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D27 – The largest hunebed

Older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge!

Right outside the museum building is the largest hunebed in the Netherlands. Standing in front of it makes you realise just how big and impressive these ancient monuments are. Every stone is massive and the largest one weighs more than 20 tons. It is difficult to imagine that these stones were brought here by the ice all the way from the south of Finland during the Ice Ages about 150,000 years ago.

Many visitors ask how the hunebed builders were able to build such enormous monuments. We think we know how they did it but we cannot be certain. Let your fantasy run riot as you stand before this impressive hunebed and touch the stones. Try to imagine yourself in the world of the tomb builders.

This mysterious monument still conceals many secrets. Over the centuries people have tried, usually illegally, to excavate the site. But the tomb has never been properly investigated so we know very little about it. Click here to find out more about D27.