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The largest dolmen

Older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge!

A stone’s throw away from the Hunebedcentrum stands the largest hunebed in the Netherlands. Standing in front of it you realise how large and impressive the monument is. The sheer size of the stones is unimaginable. The largest stone weighs more than 20 tonnes, and to think that it was pushed here during an ice age some 150,000 years ago, all the way from southern Finland.

The most frequently asked question of visitors is how the dolmen builders were able to construct such a monument. We think we know how it was done, but whether it was done at all is still a big question. Let your imagination go wild when you stand in front of this impressive hunebed and try to touch a stone. Then try to imagine yourself in the world of a hunebed builder.

The impressive monument still holds many secrets. It has never been excavated and so we still do not know everything. There have been attempts to excavate it over the years, but these were often illegal. More about D27: click here.

On the road with an archaeologist

Archaeologist Evert van Ginkel is a great expert on megalithic tombs. In the film below, he talks about the largest hunebed in the Netherlands, D27.