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The ancient province of Drenthe

& the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark

The ancient tombs known as hunebeds, burial mounds, medieval cart tracks … Drenthe is often called the most ancient province in the Netherlands. Prehistory and the Ice Ages also created the beautiful and varied Drenthe landscape of sand and heather, alternating now with woodland, farmland and the remnants of the peat industry.

Drenthe is also home to the Hondsrug, a ridge of sand and boulder clay stretching over 50 km from Groningen in the north to Emmen and Coevorden in the south. Formed by ice and wind during the Ice Ages, the Hondsrug region boasts a large number of prehistoric sites, including almost all of the Dutch hunebeds. Because of this unique character, the region is now a UNESCO Global Geopark. It is the only geopark in The Netherlands: the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark.

Visit the Hunebed Centre and discover why the Hondsrug is so unique and exciting.