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Prehistoric Park

Walking through 150,000 years of history

On the outside terrain of the Hunebedcentrum you go back to prehistoric times. You can now see the story you saw in the gateway to Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark in real life. In the prehistoric park you can walk through history. Here you come very close to the life of our ancestors. You can see how people lived in their houses and farms.

You literally make a journey through time. You start with a Neanderthal camp, after which you travel via a reindeer hunter’s hut, a mid-Stone Age hut, burial mounds and moorland paths, past an excavated dolmen, to the prehistoric village. In this village, there are three houses from different periods. You can walk in and around the houses and their fields and see, feel and smell how things were in those times.

Very often, primitive people are present who tell stories and show how people lived. They make fire, cook, work flint, dye wool, work wood and much more.

There is a lot to do in the Prehistoric Park

There is more to do in the Prehistoric Park. There is a barefoot path to experience what it feels like to walk on natural materials, there is a butterfly garden where beautiful butterflies fly during the growing season and there is an archery range where you can shoot a bow and arrow under supervision. And if you want to take a break, there are a number of picnic tables.