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Dutch Dolmens, the oldest monuments in the Netherlands.

Dolmens in the Netherlands

The dolmens are still surrounded by mystery. In the last hundred years, archaeologists have found a lot and so we can form a picture of the hunebed builders. Everything you want to know about dolmens and their builders can be found here. In our museum and on our websites.

Where are the dolmens?

Below you will find a link to a map of the Netherlands, on which you can see exactly where our dolmens are to be found. You can also look on the website: Here you can find all the dolmens and you can virtually fly over them. Zoom in to see a hunebed!

Hunebed D27

Want to know more about the prehistory?

Do you want to know more about prehistory, about how the hunebedbuilders lived and whether there are any dolmens elsewhere in the world? Then take a look at our ‘Hunebed News Cafe’. A world full of articles about dolmens, prehistory and archaeology. Articles about prehistoric customs, megaliths around the world and archaeological discoveries.

Hunebed D21