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As far as possible, we try to make the Hunebed Centre accessible to everyone. 

Wheelchair route
A large part of the museum is easily accessible for visitors with walking difficulties or who use a wheelchair or other walking aid. Different levels inside can be reached by lift. Unfortunately the lift is too small for mobility scooters.

Please note: at the museum entrance, next to the revolving door, is a doorway for disabled visitors. On pressing the button, the doors open outwards. Our staff at the entrance desk will explain the most suitable route for wheelchairs and point out difficult or inaccessible places on the floor plan. 

Places difficult to access
Unfortunately there are a few places in the museum which are difficult to access by disabled visitors. Some levels are inaccessible for mobility scooters as the lift is too small.

In the outside area of the museum, some places are more difficult to access, particularly after wet weather. Moreover, a few doors in our prehistoric farmhouses are too narrow for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Staff at the information desk will be happy to provide more information.

Wheelchairs and walkers
A number of free wheelchairs and walkers are available for use by visitors. These can be reserved in advance via 0599-236374 or

Wheelchair accessible toilets
There are two wheelchair accessible toilets in the museum. One is next to the museum café, close to the entrance, and the other is in the building where the De Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark expedition gateway is located.

Invalid parking spaces
Visitors arriving by car can make use of the two invalid parking spaces at the Bronnegerstraat 12 entrance. These spaces are closer to the museum entrance.

Public transport and taxis
There is no taxi stand at the Hunebed Centre. Taxis, taxi-busses and other vehicles may stop directly outside the Bronnegerstraat 12 entrance if necessary.

Visitors needing assistance may bring one companion with them free of charge. If buying tickets in advance, please select one free ticket for a qualifying companion.

Guide dogs
Official guide dogs for visitors with visual, hearing or motor disabilities are welcome at the museum.

 Special arrangements
As far as possible, we try to make the Hunebed Centre accessible to everyone. If you wish to arrange a group visit, please contact . We will do our best to organise a suitable programme together with the organiser. Please note we have no staff or volunteers trained to use sign language.

More information?
For more information about accessibility in the museum contact or call us on  0599-236374. Need help? If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff or volunteers.