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Welcome to the oldest province in the Netherlands

Drenthe is often referred to as the oldest province in the Netherlands – and for good reason. The region is full of prehistoric sites and stories. Nowhere else in this country do you feel as close to the distant past of our ancestors. And that is not just because of the many hunebeds, but also the hundreds of burial mounds, medieval cart tracks, gallows hills, old villages and much more.

But ‘old’ in this sense also encompasses nature, outdoor activities, authentic traditions,  hospitality, a clean and healthy environment, a place where you can still breathe pure air and find perfect peace.

There are many ways to discover this ancient province of Drenthe – walking, cycling, on horseback, even on the water. Spend a night in an unusual location on the open heath, in the woods, in the old peat colonies or one of the many picturesque old villages.

If you’d like to learn more about what there is to do in Drenthe – where to find the best walks or cycle routes, local museums and other attractions to visit, the best places to eat and where you can stay overnight –  take a look at the Drenthe website at  It’s the best place to discover this ancient province and experience it for yourself.