Hunebeds, the oldest monuments in the Netherlands.

Have you seen all of the hunebeds in the Netherlands? In this section you can discover all 54 of them!

Hunebeds are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands, full of secrets and shrouded in mystery. Through many years of study archaeologists have been able to unravel some of these mysteries and gain a clearer picture of the hunebeds and the people who built them. A summary of our current knowledge is presented in the displays at the Hunebed Centre in Borger and on this website.

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A hunebed travel guide

The links below provide three ways to find more information about the hunebeds.

The first is a map showing the location of all hunebeds together with other interesting archaeological sites and related museums. You can click on each icon to reveal more information.

The second block tells you more about the hunebeds

The third block tells you more about D27, the largest of all hunebeds in the Netherlands which stands next to the Hunebed Centre.