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Join the expedition to ice ages & prehistory

The Hondsrug UNESCO exhibition is located in the Knowledge Centre on the grounds of the Hunebedcentrum. This exhibition explains what a Geopark is and why the Hondsrug area has been awarded UNESCO status. It shows that the area belongs to a worldwide network of unique areas where the history of origin is linked to the people who have lived there and still live there.

The exhibition shows how the Hondsrug area was formed by ice ages and how all kinds of different peoples came to live in this area, from neanderthals to reindeer hunters and from dolmen builders to Iron Age farmers.

The exhibition contains stories, films, mammoth remains, unusual boulders, an overview of hotspots in the Hondsrug region and more.

Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark

The Hondsrug area has an unparalleled history. Created during several ice ages by ice, wind and water. Later it was inhabited by people, starting with Neanderthals, then reindeer hunters, hunter-gatherers and farmers. They have made the landscape into what it is today. The landscape is full of locations where exciting stories can be told: dolmens, boulders, sacrificial sites, burial mounds, cart tracks, pingo ruins, bog remnants and more.

The Hunebedcentrum has been a partner and ambassador of the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark from the very beginning. There is intensive cooperation, which can be seen in the exhibition on Ice Ages and Prehistory, a 150,000-year walk in the Primeval Age Park and in various activities.

Take a look at the website of the geopark and discover the many beautiful places in the Hondsrug area. You can discover many of them by taking the walking and cycling tours that depart from the Hunebedcentrum.

The area
The Hondsrug area is a large area. It runs from the centre of the city of Groningen in the north, via the municipalities of Haren, Tynaarlo, Aa en Hunze and Borger-Odoorn to the south to the municipality of Emmen and the municipality of Coevorden. Borger, where the Hunebedcentrum is located, lies exactly in the middle and is therefore a good base for exploring the area.

If you would like to know more about the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark, we recommend you visit the website. Here you will find the interesting places in the Hondsrug area, the activities, the walks and cycle routes, museums and more.

Images say more than words….

To give you an idea of the exhibition, below you will find a gallery with photos of the exhibition and photos of hotspots in the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark.