Join us on an expedition

The Hunebed Centre stands on a sandy ridge called the Hondsrug. In one of the buildings here, the Kenniscentrum or Knowledge Centre, you will find the Gateway to the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark. The exhibition explains what a geopark is and why the Hondsrug region was awarded UNESCO status. The Hondsrug region belongs to a worldwide network of unique places where the history and creation of the landscape are inextricably linked to the lives of the people who have lived there over the centuries and still live there today.

The Geopark exhibition explains how the Hondsrug region was shaped by the Ice Ages and how all sorts of different people have lived here in the past, from Neanderthals to reindeer hunters and from hunebed builders to Iron Age farmers.

In the exhibition you will see stories, films, the remains of mammoths, and amazing erratic boulders, providing an introduction to the many ‘hotspots’ to be found in the Hondsrug region.

Pictures say more than words ….

To give you a taste of the exhibition, you see some more pictures in the photo gallery below here of the exhibition and some of the hotspots in the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark.