The Hunebed Centre and the village of Borger lie on the Hondsrug, a sandy ridge formed by ice and meltwater during the Ice Ages. The Hondsrug stretches for about 70 kilometres from Groningen in the north to Emmen in the south, and is a unique example of a geological feature known as a “megaflute”.

The Hondsrug region is officially recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

In the Hunebed Centre is a geopark exhibition about the Ice Ages and Prehistory, telling the story of 150,000 years of history in this region. Here you will see how the Hondsrug was formed and learn about the many local places – ‘Geopark Hotspots’ – where traces of the Ice Age can still be clearly seen in the landscape.

The exhibition is one of a number of themed geopark ‘Expedition Gateways’ in the Hondsrug region. Each expedition gateway introduces a different aspect of the Hondsrug story, such as nature, water, art, the peat industry and the many reminders of war through the ages.

Click here to learn more about the Hondsrug Geopark.

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