The Hunebed Centre – a journey through 150,000 years of history



Imagine a layer of ice 1 kilometre thick. That was the north of Holland during the Ice Ages.

When the ice melted, it left behind thousands of large boulders, carried here by the ice from Scandinavia.


Around 5,000 years ago the first farmers used these boulders to build the impressive stone tombs we call Hunebeds. You can still see 54 of them standing in the local countryside. And the largest one of all, over 22 metres long, stands right next to the Hunebed Centre.


Who were these people? How did they move giant boulders weighing up to 20 tons?   The Hunebed Centre tells their story. You can see how they lived, admire their decorated pottery and even walk inside a full-size reconstruction of one of their tombs. You can also learn about the landscape of the Hondsrug, and see how it was formed 150,000 years ago.


The Hunebed Centre is more than just a museum. Outside you can visit the largest hunebed in the Netherlands, walk along a Discovery Path through the Prehistoric Park, stand inside full-size reconstructions of prehistoric farmhouses and wonder at the thousands of natural stones in the boulder garden. It’s a great day out for young and old!



Come and experience prehistory for yourself!

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